“Career-Adaptability-Readiness-Engagement”course (8-16 weeks) Designed specifically for disadvantaged youth (struggling with poverty, substance abuse and trauma, etc) ages 14-25 in the greater San Diego area, this interactive and facilitated program runs 2hr/week over the course of 12-16 weeks and features a career planning and life-skills curriculum that covers three key areas:

  • Career Readiness – setting 5-year goals and employment objectives, college planning, transferable skills, resume writing and mock interviewing with professional within our community.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – Communication, workload and time management, working productively in teams, navigating challenges on the job; including boundaries, organization and communicating with colleagues.
  • Financial Literacy – financial goal setting, budgeting, taxes, banking and financial aid.

Free-of-charge to qualifying organizations serving vulnerable populations without necessary funding

A la Carte Workshops (3 hrs) Designed more broadly for the general youth population ages 14-25, CFI also offers one-time workshops that organizations can choose from if they are unable to offer the core program or if they want to help youth focus in one core area.

  • Career Readiness & Employment Objectives       ·   Resume Writing & Interviewing 101
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness                                     ·   Financial Literacy & College Planning

Fee per Workshop

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Goal Setting and Employment Objectives

Mock Interviewing


Transferable Skills

College Planning, Financial Aid, and Budgeting for the Future.

Resume Writing, Job Searching & Social Media

Career Panel: Ask the Professionals

Interpersonal Effectiveness & Social Media Best Practices

Future Road Mapping