Goals and employment objectives, college planning, transferable skills, resume writing and mock interviewing with professional within our community.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Communication, workload and time management, working productively in teams, navigating challenges on the job; including boundaries, organization and communicating with colleagues

Financial Literacy

Financial goal setting, budgeting, taxes, banking and financial aid.

The Facts

Rockefeller Foundation, 2013

Individuals who fail to transition to stable jobs by their early 20s are at risk of experiencing more frequent and prolonged spells of joblessness, reduced productivity, permanently lower earnings, and greater difficulty building a secure financial future for themselves and their families

Rockefeller Foundation, 2013

In the US, 14 million youth face employment challenges and they disproportionately affect the poor and vulnerable, namely Blacks, Latinos and low income youth.
What we do


Goal Setting & Employment Objectives

Professionalism. Future Road Mapping.

Career Panel: Ask the professionals

Mock Interviewing

Transferable skills. Resume writing.

Job Searching

College planning, Financial Aid & Literacy, and Budgeting for the Future
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Designed specifically for disadvantaged youth (struggling with poverty, substance abuse and trauma, etc) ages 14-25 in the greater San Diego area, this interactive and facilitated program runs 2hr/week over the course of 12-16 weeks and features a career planning and life-skills curriculum that covers three key areas: Career Readiness, Financial Literacy, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

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