Creating First Impressions.Org is a nonprofit organization providing career and education consulting through a curriculum dedicated to create a better sense of career adaptability amongst disadvantaged youth ages 14-25 in the greater San Diego area. This program partners with local community agencies, inner city schools, and shelters. Creating First Impressions goal is to facilitate a program that teach disadvantaged youth life skills and career planning. This includes interpersonal effectiveness, confronting employment objectives, resume writing, mock interviewing, college planning and financial literacy. It is through this program that young adults and teenagers will have the opportunity to set goals and learn how to navigate through them with the guidance of facilitators with experience on these topics.

In an effort to combat homelessness, addiction, violence and poverty, we will support this population in practicing career adaptability. Career Adaptability is a psychosocial construct that denotes an individual’s readiness and resources for coping with current and imminent vocational developmental task, occupational transitions, and personal traumas (Brown, S & Lent, R 2005)