Research shows that adolescents higher in career adaptability have a greater sense of thriving and are more successful in mastering vocational transitions. Research also indicates youth participating in workforce development programs have improved employment outcomes, modest increases in earnings and develop both hard-and soft-skills that will help them find and maintain employment.

In 2015-2016, CFI aspires to provide its Career Adaptability Core program to 100 disadvantaged youth through partnerships with at least two youth-serving organizations. It has already piloted a successful program with high school juniors impacted by homelessness at The Monarch School and as a result, 15 San Diego youth have developed the skills and the started to build a roadmap to their employment future.

This structured program will be in effort to break the cycle of poverty and addiction among youth by giving them a sense of responsibility, clear goals, and the skills to reach these goals. This program will provide the life skills training and transformation that empower youth to accomplish the goals they need to be successful contributing members of society.

Creating First Impressions (CFI) is a program created in the direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks. The goal of this program is to add value to an already engaged education system and established community that have identified this population as at-risk. This program will complement other existing programs that provide housing, education and therapeutic intervention to those that may have a turbulent transition to adulthood.

CFI will assist and compliment other interventions and leave these young adults with added tools and resources to launch them into their career or educational development.

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