Helping Our People Endure

Help bring wellness to the community!
Joins us as we partner with Jus Sayin Inc, a local buddhist temple and other community organizations plus volunteers to help provide living essentials, food, and toiletries to our youth and neighbors in need.
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Come out with us!

Join us Sundays in the San Diego Area as we engage the community and give back to those in need alongside our partners and volunteers.


Donate clothing to a friend in need!

Daily Essentials

Help us equip our people in need with toiletries, laundry money, soap, wash clothes, wipes, tents, blankets and other daily necessities to endure onward through their circumstance.

Food/Gift Cards

Due to the intrinsic shelf life of food or the practicality of storing food while in transition, CFI highly encourages making a financial donation to help support us in purchasing food during dissemination and approved goods. We highly encourage the donation of gift cards as an alternative.

CFI Program Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors for making all of our programs a reality!!

Project H.O.P.E.

We have a dream that every man, woman and child are fed and in a home. Until that day is a reality, we engage our homeless populous providing what we can to be the change we wish to see in the world. We strive to be a helping hand in the community and work with all those with an aligned vision.
  • All though we all mean well, giving back on the streets can be difficult with unforeseen challenges. Be sure to go with a friend when reaching out a helping hand.
  • A frequently asked question is “how do we know if we give a friend in need a hand-to-hand donation, they aren’t spending it on illicit activities?” CFI encourages¬† gift cards. Gift cards are an excellent way to ensure your good intentions are best served.
  • More people are effected by homelessness than you may know. Any one can help a friend endure. You don’t need us to help someone in your local community today. however, If you don’t know where to begin or would like to march with CFI, contact us!

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